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The Insomnia Project

Dec 23, 2019

Santa and his elves could use a little boost leading up to Christmas, and decide to enroll in The Insomnia Project.  A few of them start experiencing odd side effects, and the Gonsanto team is called in to the North Pole to sort out the mess.

Warning: This episode contains chewing/mouth sounds and...

Oct 21, 2019

Warning: This episode contains violence and a very creepy man on a train.



Sam has some very important data to share at lab meeting.  We should all probably pay attention to it, bla bla bla.  Also, burritos!


Sound effects:


Door Slam - TiesWijnen

Wall Bump...

Sep 3, 2019

The test subjects have their first check in to test their progress.  

Warning - mouth sounds and chewing from 12:05-12:40.


Sound effects:

Bottle Smaby by Roxis_Boy -


20131202_chair falling on the ground_ZoomH4nXY.wav by Soundscape_Leuphana...

Aug 9, 2019

Are you tired of your exhausting coffee shop job, trying to please customers that never know what they want?  Are you about to go on an old lady murdering spree?  Sign up for the Insomnia Project today!


Car door - by cj_ascoli
Cardoor opening by supersnd
Door, front, opening, by giddster
Leaving Walk by trip2000

Jun 20, 2019

Need more money for "school supplies?"  Has that meanie parent of yours cut you out of using the credit card?  Consider signing up to participate in the Insomnia Project!

End music by The Superuminal Project

Sound effects by:

1) Car Horn 1.wav by 3863

2) Passing Car (wet...