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The Insomnia Project

Oct 21, 2019

Warning: This episode contains violence and a very creepy man on a train.

Transcript available at


Sam has some very important data to share at lab meeting.  We should all probably pay attention to it, bla bla bla.  Also, burritos!

Cast List:
Eliza - Jaqui Kerschenbaum
Loud Commuter - SH Cooper
Creeper - Adam Blanford
Helen - Tara Santora
Dr. Montgomery - Dave Morgan
Sam - Graham Rowat
Dr. Baker - Lindsay Zana
Martin - Elijah Gabriel
Jessica - Allison Brandt
Jenn - Charlotte Norup

Sound effects:


Door Slam - TiesWijnen

Wall Bump 1.wave - Osirus Waltz

7_impact_falling_chair.wav -  14F_NetusilovaKristyna

Footsteps.wave - Sangtao

Thump_004.wav - Brokenphono

Breaking Glass #2.wave - Agaxly

glass2.wav - drewkelly

Knock on the door - HunteR4708

Indoor adult murmur, small group.wav - SliceSound

Sitting Office Chair.WAV - dansayshi

rubbershoes.m4a - crowcube2

walking around the room - launemax

Footsteps Dress Shoes Wood Floor - allrealsound

steps in high heels.wav - anagar

High Heels.m4a - Daniela-Santos

alarm4.WAV - Hoerspielwerkstatt_HEF

dialing 3.aiff - bejaminharvey

phont_pick_up.wav - nakenne

Keyboard Fast - Lioo159

getting out of chair-walking-sitting back down.wav - CommStud95

Knock_the_door.wav - anagar

Door Open Close - amholma

Itemp Drop_Plastic 001.wav - mjvilches

Gasp 5 with shock.wav - jayfrosting

Crowd Shock.wav - Adam_N

NYC Subway, ding dong door opening sound.aif - carroll27

11_11_06_delancy st 2nd ave.mp3 - alceobvious -

Clothes Rustling 2 - Sethroph

punch.wav - Ekokubza123

Mystical Music - opspotty

Indor Footsteps - dkiller2204

Last seat on bus.wav - mperekos

lasubwayriding.mp3 - stomachache

departure subway.WAV - 13FPanska_Děd_Martin

01 baby crying hard and long - PickleJones

SUBWAY_01.WAV - Manicciola

metro.m4a - Rosachoque

Punch in the face - Huminaatio

Hitting in a Face - florianreichelt