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The Insomnia Project

Dec 23, 2019

Santa and his elves could use a little boost leading up to Christmas, and decide to enroll in The Insomnia Project.  A few of them start experiencing odd side effects, and the Gonsanto team is called in to the North Pole to sort out the mess.

Warning: This episode contains chewing/mouth sounds and some violence



This episode’s writing, sound design, and production by Adam Blanford.   Sound effects provided by (specifics listed at the end).  Theme music provided by the Superluminal Project.  

Adam Blanford played Grandpa Sparkle and the loveable Gonsanta Clause.  
Dr. Baker was played by Lindsay Zana.  
Sam was Graham Rowat.  
Helen was Tara Santora.  
Dr. Montgomery was Dave Morgan.  
Sparkle was Kaitlyn Kliman.  
Twinkle was Melissa Medina.  
Santa was Kyle Gould.  
Gumdrop was Mark Harrietha.  
Security Elf 1 was Vincent King.
Security Elf 2 was Shaina Wareing.  
Computer voice was S.H. Cooper.  
The announcer on our radio ad was Nick Bean and the tired actor was Kyle Gould. 

Sound Effects: