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The Insomnia Project

Jun 20, 2019

Need more money for "school supplies?"  Has that meanie parent of yours cut you out of using the credit card?  Consider signing up to participate in the Insomnia Project!

End music by The Superluminal Project

Transcript available at

Cast List:
Jessica - Allison Brandt
Cashier - Haley C. McCarthy
Tow truck driver - Mark Harrietha

Sound effects by:

1) Car Horn 1.wav by 3863

2) Passing Car (wet road) by Breviceps

3) At a Bus Stop by Woodylein

4) VW Golf GTI Drive (Zoom H2N m&s).wav by EverdaySounds

5) Scribble by Tomoyo Ichijouji

6) truck pickup door open close real nice slam.flac by kyles

7) dial tone_us.mp3 by Felfa

8) Street Noise.wav by BeatsbyCasper

9) Crowd Noise 3.wav by iamazerrad

10) 7’11 Sliding Door by plasterbrain

11) Shirt Clothing Movement by leonelmail

12) Clothes Movements Foley by leonelmail

13) Leather Jacket Wooshes by jtnewlin13

14) Subway station, card swipe by SpliceSound

15) Beep 05 Negative by PaulMorek

16) purserustle.wav by nickrave

17) High Heels.m4a by Daniela-Santos

18) bag_open.wav by spidervis

19) Market scanner beep by nooly

20) US Department store – checkouts by icmusic

21) Construction Dumpster Delivery by rodincoil

22) Phone dialing by Aiden Ford

23) Rustling paper by Aiden Ford