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The Insomnia Project

Aug 9, 2019

Are you tired of your exhausting coffee shop job, trying to please customers that never know what they want?  Are you about to go on an old lady murdering spree?  Sign up for the Insomnia Project today!

Transcript available at

Cast list:
Martin - Elijah Gabriel
Fran - Charlotte Norup
Stardust - Valorie Hall
Sarah - Karin Heimdall


Sound Effects:

Car door - by cj_ascoli
Cardoor opening by supersnd
Door, front, opening, by giddster
Leaving Walk by trip2000
Paper Bag and Bottle Handling FF387 by martinimeniscus
1. putting beans in the coffee gringer by dsmolenaers
Walking with sandals by kyrika84
Footsteps on Wood by mydo1
Door - open 01 by Anthousai
Office/Store Door Bell Jingle (on a string) by EpicWizard
Dollar Bill Rustles by kayasavas87
Coffeegrinder by ipears1
grinding beans by ToddBradley
Cash register by monotraum
Coffee Shop Chatter by bvsowlr
Paper rustling by Adam Blanford