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The Insomnia Project

Sep 3, 2019

The test subjects have their first check in to test their progress.  

Warning - mouth sounds and chewing from 12:05-12:40.

Transcript available at


Cast List:
Martin - Elijah Gabriel
Susan - Kaitlyn Kliman
Eliza - Jaqui Kerschenbaum
Sam - Graham Rowat
Jessica - Allison Brandt
Dr. Baker - Lindsay Zana
Dr. Montgomery - Dave Morgan
Manager - Kirsty Woolven
Officer - Adam Blanford


Sound effects:

Bottle Smaby by Roxis_Boy -


20131202_chair falling on the ground_ZoomH4nXY.wav by Soundscape_Leuphana -


Glass breaking by leandrocordeiro -


Printer1 by ptrflr -


phone ringing.mp3 by Rebecca_f -


Office with Typing.wav by Walter_Odington -


Door close.ave by soundmary -


Knock on the door by HunteR4708 -


Knock_the_door.wave by anagar -


Slam door.MP3 by SoundsForHim -


click.wav by soundsofawesome -


Bar Crowd in Belgrade by EpicWizard -


CrowdPanic.mp3 by bethazarus -


gasp.mp3 by Topschool -


Gasp! by ZerOcarina -


Male Gasp 1.wave by jawbutch -


Burp! by Breviceps -


Placing plate on the tray by MilanKovanda -


plate.wav by Closetwalrus -


Cubiertos.wav by nmarciniegasm -


Silverware_rubbing_on_plate by tmkappelt -


Guts Dragging by altfuture -


Ripping Apart Carcass.wav by ProductionNow -


17 - Carne 2.wave by MichaelGillighan -


Eating Juicy Meat.wav by ProductionNow -


bord_arber.aiff by ikbenraar -


Chattering in a restaurant by Joshun -


Beep Short by florianrichelt -


Punch_02.wav by thefsoundman -


Scribble by Tomoyo Ichiouji -


Treadmill by flunckspagnargel -


car door.WAV by cj_acsoli -


car door opening3 by supersnd -


Door, front, opening by giddster -


leaving walk.aif by trip2000 -


Florentine Films SFX >> Paper Bag and Bottle Handling FF387.aif by martinimeniscus -


espresso bar and machine samples >> 1. putting beans in the grinder.wav by dsmolenaers -


Metal Knife Drop - Short.wav by akennedybrewer -


Hunk of Metal Drop by Timmeh515 -


Glass Breaking by AlterKartoffelsack -


breaking up celery_1-2.aif by acrober -


Paper crinkling by Adam Blanford


Bed creaking by Adam Blanford


Fumbling with recorder by Adam Blanford


Turning pages by Adam Blanford


Footsteps by Aiden Ford